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People Not Paperwork

We Offer Strategic Grants to Real People and Change Real Lives. Making a Difference in Education, Health & Cultural Preservation. Won't You Join Us?  Read More

Local People Doing Good for Tibet

We are volunteers who raise money right here in Tucson, AZ and beyond. Then we give micro-grants to ordinary Tibetan people living in Tibet – with extraordinary spirits – who work to make their lives better through education and to improve the lives of others in their home communities. Read More

Small Grants, Big Impact

Bread for the Journey gives small, timely grants that help make Tibetan communities more vital, healthy, and just. Read our Stories.  Read More


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Small Gifts, Big Impact

The Tucson, Az (One Global Village) chapter of Bread for the Journey is a group of volunteers who raise money in our local community. Then, we give micro-grants to ordinary people – with extraordinary spirits – who have an idea to make our community more vital, healthy, and just. Learn more.

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We're Part of Something Big

The Tucson, AZ chapter of Bread for the Journey is just one of many giving circles doing good work around the world. For more information about our movement and how you can start a giving circle in your community, visit Bread for the Journey.